One Percent Off for Buyers GUARANTEED

Avoid Purchasing Mistakes that will Cost You THOUSANDS!

Many buyers are unaware of all of the terms and conditions that go into making an offer. Many real estate agents do not inform buyers of all the components that go into an offer and the range of options buyers have. This results in buyers not being fully aware of all their strategic options when putting together an offer. When this occurs it is very possible that after all the time spent searching for a home you could lose out on the place you chose or lose thousands of dollars.

Our System GUARANTEES Buyers One Percent Off the List Price or We Will the Difference in CASH!

Dan has leveraged his background in strategy and negotiations create a specialized buyer system designed to get clients the best possible price on their purchase. This program ensures you will be fully aware of all of your options and the implications of each choice. Several buyers have saved thousands of dollars through this program and many times beat out competitive offers that were actually higher.

This program works so well that we GUARANTEE you will save 1% or WE WILL PAY YOU THE DIFFERENCE IN CASH!

To learn more about this program call me today at 571-969-7653 or email [email protected]

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