Kevin Welch

Kevin Welch, Client Loyalty Manager
Call Kevin at 703-969-7653

Kevin_WelshKevin is a Client Loyalty Manager for the Orange Line Living Team. Kevin’s primary concern is to connect each client with the perfect agent that can fulfill his or her needs. Kevin has a unique combination of approachability, friendliness, determination, and leadership strength that enables him to make connections across diverse groups of people. Kevin also has a long background in customer service, which inspires him to place a great deal of importance in making each interaction with clients as enjoyable as possible. This priority, in fact, is what grabbed Kevin’s interest in the Orange Line Living Team as he felt the team’s goals and procedures aligned perfectly with his own. Kevin feels an incredible sense of appreciation for this opportunity to pursue his dreams and aspirations with such a highly respected team and would love the chance to help you connect to your dreams, too!

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