5 Social Media & Personal Branding Lessons from Gary Vee’s Agent2021 Event

by Dan Lesniak

Gary Vee put on an amazing event for real estate agents, lenders and people in the insurance and auto industries at the second Agent2021 conference.

Since the DMV area is full of entrepreneurs and business-minded people, including many past clients, we wanted to share some highlights from GaryVee’s Agent2021 conference for all to see.

Here are the top five lessons I learned from Gary Vee’s 2021 event and how we will use them to create more value for more people.

1 — Embrace Personal Branding.

Gary brought Shark Tank investor Matt Higgins on stage and his message about personal branding was simple: Embrace it.

The old guard is still fighting the concept of personal branding. They still call it self-promotion. But things are changing. Do not fight it. If you are authentic with your audience, and come from a place of wanting to help others, why would you not want to connect with as many people as possible?

2 — Attention on Social Media is Grossly Underpriced.

Keri and I first learned this lesson from Gary Vee back in August of 2018. The prices for ads on Facebook and Instagram are severely underpriced.

This is especially true when compared to traditional media such as TV, radio, billboards and direct mail. It is also true when compared to Google’s pay-per-click ads. This era will not last forever. Gary said he saw the same thing with Google pay-per-click: Eventually bigger companies will figure it out and prices will go up.

Gary specifically said that his wine business could have gone from $3M to $200M instead of only $60M had he gone all in on Google PPC, instead of half in before the prices went up. Do not waste your chance to capture this underpriced attention on social media. We have used this opportunity to find more buyers for our sellers and more homes for our buyers.

3 — Own Your Personal Brand.

Gary has an entire team to produce amazing content for himself and his businesses, but for his personal brand he still writes the copy for every post. Talk about walking the walk and living the hustle. It is so hard for others to represent your own personal voice, especially in written form. I think with business brands it is a lot easier to build a team to do this or outsource it, but for your own personal brand you need to own it and love it.

4 — Use Social Media to Listen as Much as You Speak.

Learn to engage your audience and listen to them. Ask them questions. Comment on their posts. Respond to their comments and messages.

If you are trying to build a following on social media, but don’t interact with the followers you are getting it is no different than inviting people over to a party and then not interacting with them. You would not do that in real life so do not do it on social media.

5 — Execute.

This is simple, but is almost always the missing piece. The information you need for success is out there for everything:  business, health, relationships and anything you could want to do. There is so much information out there. What there is a shortage of is people that will go out and execute.

Even with all the keys to success waiting, many never start. Many that do stop before success happens. Many that do start to get the taste of success take the rewards too soon. It takes time. Be patient and keep executing. When you do start to have success invest the rewards back into yourself and your business.

The longer you can put off reaping the rewards, the more market share you will grab and the more value you will be able to create for more people.

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