Selling in the Summertime

by Dan Lesniak

Selling Your Home in the Summertime

With the summertime bringing the heat, there’s a lot more home sale activity right now than normal for this time of year. Here are some things you definitely want to consider when selling during the summertime that aren’t as applicable in the winter or even early spring.

1. Great Curb Appeal

The first big thing you will want to do is make sure the home looks great from the outside. In the summer weather as opposed to the cold, people spend more time browsing around and looking outside. So make sure the landscaping looks neat, the flowers all look good, and have eye-catching colors popping everywhere. Wash the outside if it needs it.

2. Do Routine Maintenance

Next, you want to make sure you do routine maintenance. Double check that your HVAC system is working. Make sure all the systems are working. People will have more time to check those things.

3. Keep It Cool

Finally, make sure that the house is a cool, comfortable temperature. It’s been really hot outside lately, with temperatures approaching 100. The last thing people want is to go into a house they’re considering buying and for it not to be really nice and cool. First impressions can make or break a sale. They don’t want to go in the rooms upstairs and feel that they’re hot or wonder if they will be comfortable in the home or if the AC works. Make sure you get those temperatures nice and cool and make it comfortable to look at from the inside and pretty to look at from the outside.

If you want any other questions about selling your home in the summer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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