by Dan Lesniak


Moving is a huge hassle but it has one major upside: It prompts a critical review of the things we own. And because the things we own shape our habits and activities, moving is a great opportunity to redesign our surroundings to boost our health and wellbeing.

Take your mattress as an example. Moving often prompts people to get leave their old mattress behind and have a replacement delivered to their new home. And as a result, back and shoulder pain can be reduced, sleep is improved, and moods are overall lifted!

What other steps can you take to set yourself up for health success in your new home?


1. Consider the placement of your screens

You may have heard that your computer monitors should be placed at eye level so that you are looking straight at them and not at a downward angle.

This is obviously relevant if you have a home office but you should also keep it in mind when you pick a TV stand. Most TV stands are a little too low so look for one with a extra height or mount the TV on your wall at the appropriate height.

This principle is also relevant if you’re setting up a makeup station!


2. Bring ergonomics to the kitchen table

Ergonomic chairs aren’t just for the office anymore, you can now get ergonomic chairs for your kitchen and living room!

If they are price prohibitive, simple bar stools often do the trick — they force you to sit up straight, activate the core and engage your body against gravity!


3. Optimize your bedroom for sleep

Sleep is important for your health but getting a good night’s rest can be difficult in a new place.

Invest in blackout blinds to make the room as dark as possible; keep TVs and other screens out of the bedroom completely; and keep the thermostat low, we tend to sleep better in cool rooms.


4. Prioritize healthy spaces

Nothing beats designating an entire room in your new home as the wellness space. While you could absolutely fill it with fitness equipment, making it a quiet room or a mindfulness room can be just as beneficial.

Avoid screens and electronics, fill the space with green plants, books, and candles. You can even set the max occupancy to 1 so that the room can be used to escape the other members of your family from time to time.

If you can’t spare an entire room, you can still make room for wellness. Make sure there is space for a yoga mat next to the couch so you can stretch while you watch TV, for example.

Invest in yoga blocks, stretch straps, TRX straps, and other small equipment that is easy to bring out and stash away for a quick movement session.

This post was written by Dr. Eric Doyle. Dr. Doyle is a licensed chiropractor with Palmercare Chiropractic in Falls Church. He specializes in helping patients find relief from aches and pain, prevent injuries, and improve functionality. Readers of the Orange Line Living Blog can get $25 off their first visit by calling (571) 327-2213 and mentioning OLL.

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