Phoenix Condo Arlington Clarendon Noone Sells Faster

by Danielle Skowronek

The Phoneix Condo in Clarendon Arlington: Our Team is Selling Phoenix Condos Fast, While Others Sit on the Market!

The Orange Line Living team just sold another Phoenix Condo with only a few weeks on the market. Our team sold Unit 913 for 99 percent of list price! In the last year, our team has sold three condos in this Clarendon condo and we are averaging less than three weeks on the market, while other agents in the building during that same time have averaged six weeks on the market.

What made this most recent sale even more remarkable was that our team did it while six other condos in the building continue to sit on the market. Here is the list of Phoenix Condos for sale now (8/31/2017) listed by other agents:

  • Unit 223 – 137 days on the market
  • Unit 617 – 69 days on the market
  • Unit 712 – 118 days on the market
  • Unit 408 – 14 days on the market
  • Unit 701 – 21 days on the market
  • Unit 612 – 104 days on the market

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The evidence clearly shows that picking the right agent makes a difference in The Phoenix Condo

When your condo sits on the market you lose time and money and gain stress. No other real estate agent or team has sold as many condos in Clarendon or in The Phoenix Condo Building as the Orange Line Living and Keri Shull Team.

If you are considering selling your Phoenix condo and want to save the most time & money and have the least amount of stress & hassle, contact Dan today at [email protected] or call/text (571) 969-7653.

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