1205 Garfield #506 Station Square Condo under contract

by Danielle Skowronek

33 Days Faster Than An Identical Station Square Condo!

We are thrilled for our out of town Station Square seller, whose condo is under contract 33 days quicker than an identical unit in his building!

After relocating to New York City with his family, our seller decided to sell his condo in Arlington. He admitted he was a bit nervous to be so far away during the process so he wanted a team he could rely on to handle the details for him down here. We immediately put his mind at ease by being there to meet the movers, staging company, contractors and more with him on Facetime so he could be involved every step of the way.

Our seller expected to have to come down here multiple times during the process, but instead, he was able to spend more time at home knowing that his condo was in great hands with us. The next time we see him since our first meeting will be at the settlement table!

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According to a recent article on ARLnow, half of all real estate transactions in Arlington, VA involve an agent that does only one or two sales a year. The Orange Line Living and Keri Shull Team have been the top sales team for several years in Arlington, often times selling four to five times as many homes as the closest competitor. Our team of experts can help you sell your home for more money, in less time and without stress.


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