1601 Wilson Blvd. Redevelopment in Rosslyn

by Danielle Skowronek

Wilson School Teardown Project on Corner of Wilson and Pierce

A lot is coming to the 1600 block of Wilson Blvd. over the next couple of years. The first partA new school with a capacity of teaching 775 students will be coming to the corner of Wilson and Pierce in Rosslyn. Formally the Wilson School, Arlington Public Schools is constructing the H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program as part of their long range strategy to providing more seats for Arlington students. This school will have ESO, HILT, and an Asperger’s Program in order to increase collaboration between the Stratford and H-B Woodlawn programs.

The project site is 1601 Wilson Blvd.

which was designed by architect Leo A. Daly and BIG with a projected cost of $100.8 million to build and complete. This is phase 1 of an entire renovation of the block that will eventually house 2 residential building with underground parking, street-level retail and eateries, a new improved fire station, and Rosslyn Highlands Park. Deconstruction has begun on the site, so do exercise caution while using the sidewalk on Wilson.

The projected school start date is September 2019 with the field to be completed in phase 2, once the fire station has been removed from its current location. On evenings and weekends, the field, 2nd level terrace, and gym will be open to members of the Arlington county community. The pictures below are the property of LEO A DALY from their presentation at the community meeting on 4/19/17.

1601 Wilson Phase 2 and Beyond

“The plan calls for a 27-story east tower designed by Hickok Cole (561 apartments, 20,513 square feet of retail and Fire Station 10) and a 23-story west tower designed by Studios Architecture (331 new apartments and 9,547 square feet of retail).” – Lindsay Rose, Washington REIT

The long-standing Queen’s Court Apartments will be transformed into a 12-story tower and include 150 parking spaces in the garage below. This will be largely affordable housing residences.

This 2.7 acre West-Rosslyn project will bring 1.18 million square feet of residential and retail space once fully completed. The county predicts this project will reach completion in 2021.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about community redevelopment in Rosslyn.

We will do what we can to find an answer. Check out the pictures attached to see project scope and plans for the new school, fireplace, athletic fields, and residential units.

To get priority access to residential units coming in this new development, give us a call or text at (571) 969-7653


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