Best Selling Real Estate Book Now Available In Paperback

by Dan Lesniak

Orange Line Living founder Dan Lesniak’s best selling real estate book now available in paperback!

All royalties from the book for the next seven days will be donated to Doorways for Women and Families.

Best Selling Real Estate Book

After reaching the #1 spot in 3 business categories on Amazon: Orange Line Founder Dan Lesniak’s best-selling book, The HyperLocal HyperFast Real Estate Agent is now available in paperback! The book provides a blueprint on how other agents can provide more value to their clients in any market.

The HyperLocal HyperFast Real Estate Agent, tells how Lesniak, an Arlington, VA-based real estate agent in the DC area, started his career and rose to become one of the top agents in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country, all in his freshman year.

Here’s what people are saying about Dan’s book:

“This a surprisingly easy read given the advanced caliber of information provided. Unlike other books I’ve read that seem to repeat notions of just getting out there and doing it, HyperLocal HyperFast actually gives detailed actions that can be set in motion immediately. I especially like the list of tips at the end, some of which I’ve already implemented in my own business.”Tyler M

“The HyperLocal HyperFast Real Estate Agent reads hyperfast! Dan doesn’t waste any time in getting into his recipe for success. If you are a new agent or an agent that wants to break through to higher level of sales, this is the book for you. This is not a book that offers a few pointers and leaves you begging for the formula to success. Dan starts from the beginning with real life stories of how he became one of the top producing agents in the country from the very beginning of his career. He shares with you his secrets to success. I have read so many books on how I can become a more successful agent, a more profitable agent, and this book clearly states how to do just that! I highly recommend this book to all agents who have read and tried everything and are still trying to figure out how to get into that top 1%. Dan Lesniak spells his success out step by step. An absolute must read for success in sales!”Michele 

“I work in the real estate industry and have been thinking about becoming a Realtor. I am so happy I got this book. Dan uses stories from his first year in real estate to teach the strategies that helped him quickly become a top selling agent. I found the book to be highly entertaining, but at the same time very educational. His background is unique for the industry which helps him bring a fresh perspective on how to get the best results for your clients and grow your business.” Moe B

If you are in the real estate industry or thinking about getting into it this is a great chance to learn how to dominate your market and support a great cause at the same time!

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