Ask the Real Estate Agent: Is A Market Downturn Coming?

by Dan Lesniak


Ask the Real Estate Agent: Will There Be A Market Downturn In The Near Future?

Recently, we have been getting questions from buyers about if there is a foreseeable downturn in the real estate market. 

Gary Keller of head Keller Williams hinted to a shift in the real estate market. Citing more inventory, longer time on market, prices coming down and new construction going flat as the catalyst. Recently, statistics have shown rather sustainable number with no clear indication of a housing bubble burst or market downturn. There are ups and downs in the real estate market like other markets in various industries.

Here are some of the stats of currently for our area of Arlington, VA:

Check out any our statistics pages to keep current on all the real estate numbers for areas in the DC Metro/Maryland/Northern Virginia area, by visiting or home page under the news tab.

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