Live The Orange Life! Arlington Named Sixth Healthiest “City” in the U.S.

by Dan Lesniak

Live the Orange Life! Arlington Named Sixth Healthiest “City” in the U.S.

Arlington has been named a top city in the U.S. in various categories and with various different outlets. This year Arlington was ranked at the top and very high on a few, including the “Best City to Live in America”, “Best Suburbs to Live in America”, and “Best City for Millennials”.

1420683842248Last year, Arlington was ranked at 6th for ‘Healthiest City in the U.S.” by Its a ranking that takes lifestyle, access to healthcare and environment all into account. “Nearly every resident of Arlington, Va., can access healthy foods and places to exercise,” the website says in its blurb about Arlington. “Arlington is filled with parks that offer great hikes, athletic fields, and leisurely strolls and private fitness centers offering yoga, Pilates, CrossFit and a variety of other workouts.”

The county’s obesity rate is less than 20 percent, and its network of trails, roads with bike lanes and shared bicycle racks and Metro-accessible development give residents opportunities to stay in shape while commuting to and from work

Access to healthy food, recycling programs, not smoking and “drinking in moderation” were also listed as factors for Arlington’s place in the rankings.

Our nearby counterparts of Washington D.C. was voted America’s most healthy city for the third year in a row!

All in all, the area is equipped with people who take health seriously and are looking to lead long healthy lives. Often times, you’ll see many out running, jogging , walking and biking at various times at night. Many are gym members and take advantage of fitness center in condo/apartment buildings and even at work! Many participate in 5K runs, marathons, and social club sports. We invite you to live the orange life with us and lead a long healthy life!




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