DC Metro Neighborhoods with Value Staying Power

by Dan Lesniak

It helps to understand what attracts people to different neighborhoods, be it on the Orange Line or elsewhere in the DC Metro region. Home values that have staying power help neighborhoods have staying power as well. Together these areas offer a strong and stable housing market, which is good news for anyone looking to buy a new home. Listed below are some of the best neighborhoods in the DC Metro region, which offer plenty of value to those who live there.

By EnLorax - Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5623066

Bethesda, MD. Median Home Value: $67,000. New life was breathed into this one-time B&O Railroad outpost. Since the Red Metro line was brought to the town in the 1980’s, Bethesda has become a place that families like to call home. The single-family homes are where young parents are raising their kids, seeking out the high quality schools that are here. That is no surprise, as the vast majority of the population here is also well-educated. Forbes listed Bethesda as the nation’s Most Educated Town in 2014, as well over half the residents have a Master’s degree. Empty-nesters have been flocking to the condos of Bethesda’s downtown district, which is another major attraction. You can walk to just about anywhere in the area and have plenty of food and entertainment choices, all close to home. For those that like to have downtown amenities close to home, this could be the place for you.

 Del Ray Alexandria, VA. Median Home Value: $700,000. If you are looking for a small town vibe in a neighborhood that is still a part of the very metro DC area, Del Ray could be your answer. This historic 640px-Town_of_Potomac_04 (1)neighborhood, with early 20th century bungalows, is also a place where community is number one. Here is where big corporate stores have not taken over, as the residents fight to keep their small town feel just as it is. Del Ray also has some community institutions that truly mark the character of this neighborhood, such as the Mount Vernon Community School PTA. Del Ray is a bit of urban push with the plans for the new Potomac Yard station in the north end of the neighborhood underway, but the residents seem content to hold onto their laid back, small town vibe.

640px-2000_block_of_N_Street,_NWDuPont Circle, Washington DC. Median Home Value: $509,000. If you want to be in the thick of it all in the District, DuPont Circle could be just for you. This highly urban neighborhood is in close proximity to everything in DC, and has long been revitalized into one of the most vibrant areas. The liveliness of DuPont Circle is a direct result of the dedication of the DC gay and lesbian community who love it here. This area became a mecca after the 1968 riots, making this once neglected neighborhood appealing once more. Since that time, a wide variety of lifestyles and residents call DuPont Circle home. The majority of residents live in condos or apartments, but there are also historical Victorian Row houses, most of which are occupied by wealthier families and older home owners. DuPont Circle’s environment and access to amenities gives it a Walk Score of 97, making this a neighborhood for true urbanites.

Reston, VA. Median Home Value: $399,900. Reston is a planned community done well. Begun back in 1961 by developer Bob Simon, Reston is a place where you can work, live, and play all in the same area. There is a resort 640px-Reston,_Virginia_-_Lake_Anne_plazafeel to Reston, owing to the abundance of bike trails and parks. Add in 15 schools and a variety of residences to choose from, this is an ideal place to raise a family and have fun together, too. Reston has been able to retain much of its original feel due to the strict codes enforced for buildings and properties. Residents like it that way; however, as they know Lake Anne will always be a beautiful place to paddle around. With an inner core of condos and town homes surrounded by single family homes, Reston gives families of varying incomes and sizes a place to call home.

360px-Silver_Spring_SignSilver Springs, MD. Median Home Value: $492,000. Silver Springs is home to diversity in a suburb. From diverse residents, to diverse foods and entertainment, this revitalized town saw an explosion of growth in the 2000s with the coming of the Metro Silver Line. With an updated commercial center, there is plenty happening in Silver Springs, with plenty of jobs so not everyone has to commute to DC or other areas. The schools in the area have been a big plus for families as well. The diversity of Silver Springs also includes its homes. You can find colonial or Victorian homes alongside newer, modern abodes. Whatever type of home you are looking for, the residential areas of Silver Springs, while close to the commercial area, offer a quiet and laid back place where people get to know their neighbors.

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