College Grads Call Arlington Home

by Dan Lesniak


Arlington County and the urban villages along the Orange Line are wonderful places to live. We who live here know this, and when research supports what we know, it is even better. There are also many types of top ten lists for places to live based on many different aspects, lifestyles, and opportunities. Arlington ranked at the top of the most recent list compiled by This latest one is geared toward college graduates. When you finish your degree, it’s time to get your career started, but where is the best place to find a job in your field bringing in an equitable salary? Arlington is one such place that has made the grade.

Our job opportunities are one of the key reasons that Arlington is listed as the top place to live for college grads. According to the study done by, 67.1% of our jobs are in the arts, business, management, or science fields. There is a wide variety of opportunity, many with salaries to match, so you can live where you work in one of the varied and unique urban villages or historical neighborhoods. Arlington is a top-rated place with a median income that offsets the higher rent and property values in our area.

The study used data from the 2014 census findings on job options in metropolitan regions across the country, the age of the populations, median incomes, and rent averages. 2015 unemployment data was also used to showcase which metro areas have the greatest number of opportunities for college grads to get off to a great start with a new job. Arlington was ranked number 1 among the top 100 cities surveyed for the study.

The numbers don’t lie when it comes to seeing that college graduates thrive and succeed in Arlington. The Nerdwallet study showed that Arlington’s population aged 25 and above include 71.5% of residents with a Bachelor degree or higher. This is the largest percentage in the nation. The median income for residents with a higher education came in at $72,000 per year, up from $65,000, as was reported the previous year. We have the work and opportunities for college grads to put their degree to work for them and live in an incredible place while doing so.

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