New Condos Come to Rosslyn

by Dan Lesniak

interior-design-413718_640The Arlington County Board recently approved plans for a new condominium development to be built in Rosslyn. Located within walking distance to the Rosslyn Metro station, the condo project will bring new homes to the Orange Line. The project, named Washington Vista, will include 63 units, four of which shall be designated as affordable housing in perpetuity for qualified moderate income families. In addition to this, over $100,000 will be contributed to the Arlington Affordable Housing Fund by the developer, NVR, Inc.

Located within the Colonial Terrace neighborhood at the corner of Key Boulevard and N. Nash Street, the new condos will replace an outdated apartment complex that was built in 1955, as well as a two story house and parking lot. Six of the units will be three story town homes, built in the traditional row house style of the area. There will also be an underground garage with 64 parking spaces and bicycle spaces as well. In keeping with the garden atmosphere of Colonial Terrace, there will also be a private courtyard area for the residents to use. There will be $75,000 in public art also included in the development project. The scope of the project will add needed new housing to the Rosslyn neighborhood.

With the provisions included in the new development, Washington Vista falls in line with the recommendations of the General Land Use Plan, the Rosslyn-Ballston Streetscape Standards, Rosslyn Station Area Plan Addendum, Rosslyn Sector Plan, and the Rosslyn Transit Station Area Study. For those tenants who are being displaced by the demolition of the old apartment building, the Arlington Tenant-Landlord Commission has come up with an approved relocation assistance plan as well. The affordable units will be two bedroom homes to be sold to qualified buyers who are at or below 80% of the area median income of $87,000. In addition to these provisions, the developer will be seeking LEED certification for the building following Arlington County’s standard for energy performance.

Once completed, Washington Vista will provide new homes for the Rosslyn neighborhood, adding to the vitality and growth of this unique urban village. When you are ready to buy or sell your home, myself and the Orange Line Living team, are here to provide you with our unique and specialized services, so you can turn your dreams into reality. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly at 571-969-7653 or at [email protected]


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