New Traffic Camera Website Launched by Arlington County

by Dan Lesniak

As part of the ongoing efforts to upgrade the traffic infrastructure, there is a new website with 180 traffic cameras feeding live images which anyone can view online. The cameras are a resource for commuters and travelers across the county to be able to see what the current traffic conditions are at any given time, and bring yet another great feature to life along the Orange Line. They will also be used in times of traffic congestion to help with the movement of traffic during an incident, as well as to assist emergency response units in getting to their destinations. The website has replaced the use of, where the cameras were no longer viewable. The new site is directly linked to the Arlington County website and includes a map with each camera location provided. You can click on a camera to get a view of the current traffic conditions for one minute at a time.

The new page is still working out some bugs in the system, as there have been reports of cameras not functioning all the time, but this could be due to the numbers of viewers trying to access them at one time. There are plans to also include the VDOT Freeway cameras to the page so when driving around Arlington County you can have even more up to date traffic information at any time. The main goal of these cameras is to help with the smooth and safe flow of traffic. The cameras are real-time feeds only, no recordings are done but the police, fire and safety departments also have access to the camera views.

According to Arlington County, these cameras and the new website are part of the bigger picture they are working to establish, with state of the art technology being used to provide reliable traffic data. The website will be used to work with the Smart Traffic Signal System when it is in place. The smart system will integrate the real time cameras with Variable Message Signs and blue tooth devices. The upgrades to the smart system will continue into 2016.

While Arlington is an incredible urban village with a high walk score, there is traffic here and to have access to real time information before you hit the road is a big plus for planning your day. As the upgrades continue, it will be easier to help keep the flow of traffic moving along. If you are ready to live in Arlington or sell your property, myself and the Orange Line Living team, are here to provide you with our unique and specialized services so you can turn your dreams into reality. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly at 571-969-7653 or at [email protected]

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