“Arlington Passages” Supports Community and Bicycling

by Dan Lesniak

Part of living in an urban village such as Arlington includes alternative forms of transportation. One such type of transportation is not only a greener, healthier alternative, but it can also add to our sense of community living along the Orange Line. I am talking about bicycles. Over the last several years, there has been a strong resurgence in the use of bicycles as a standard mode of transportation, and Arlington has been no exception. The county has seen the rise in the number of cyclists on the road and responded with additional bike lanes being added throughout neighborhoods and business sectors alike. This increased desire to go by bike in Arlington has now been featured in a new film, “Arlington Passages”, which will premiere on Thursday September 10 at Arlington Cinema Drafthouse.

The film was funded by Arlington County to showcase community residents who use a bicycle for recreation and commuting purposes in and around Arlington. The film has a twofold mission, to promote bicycling in Arlington and to support Phoenix Bikes, a local program working with at-risk kids and providing a community bike shop. Phoenix Bikes teaches kids how to repair and refurbish bikes, giving them the chance to earn their own bike at the end of the program. They also sell the refurbished bikes provided at a lower cost so more people can get their own set of wheels for a healthier, greener way to get around. Having a bike can also bring freedom, especially if you don’t have ease of access to a car. Phoenix Bikes is not only about helping kids learn a skill and face a challenge, they are about working with the community in supporting ways to recycle and reduce pollution through environmental practices. The proceeds from the sale of tickets to the premier of Arlington Passages will go to Phoenix Bikes.

The film itself was made to promote the effect bicycling has had on those who live in Arlington. As we continue growing as an urban village, becoming more aware of different options such as using a bike as a mode of transportation will help us as a community to connect. When connections are made, a community thrives. “Arlington Passages” focuses on six bicycle stories in Arlington, and why these people choose to bike. In the film, you will meet Chris and his daughter Rachel, who use bicycling together as a way to physically and emotionally battle against leukemia. Edgar is a community leader aspiring to help others through education. Grant and Gillian lead their family of five in a well-traveled world, going more miles by bike than by car. Natalie shares her story as a bicycling real estate agent working to make a change in the world around her, and Nonie is using bicycling as a new way to challenge herself now that the kids have left home.

These stories reflect a wide spectrum of what motivates people to ride a bicycle, and Arlington County supports the rising number of people who are taking this type of journey on. Perhaps those who don’t yet own a bike will be inspired to join in. A greater awareness of those we share the road with is a positive way to build community relationships as well, which “Arlington Passages” does as well. Tickets for the film premier are available via Eventbrite. Come see the show, learn about some of your neighbors, and help a great cause. If you are ready to live in our incredible community, myself and the Orange Line Living team are here to provide you with our unique and specialized services so you can turn your dreams into reality. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly at 571-969-7653 or at [email protected].

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