Arlington’s Top Walkable Neighborhoods are Along the Orange Line

by Dan Lesniak

traffic-lights-390489_1280When it comes to living in an urban village, Arlington is by far one of the best places to choose. Living along the Orange Line, residents have the best of the best when it comes to accessing services, entertainment, transportation, and green spaces. Arlington is an urban village with a great walking score, a number which showcases the walkability of a city. Walking scores measure how much residents and visitors can access within an easy distance. While the overall walk score for Arlington is 67, we have some neighborhoods that set the bar higher and prove that the walkable urban village is here to stay. Much of the Orange Line area is in the top four of Arlington’s most walkable neighborhoods according to

North Rosslyn is the 4th most walkable neighborhood with a Arlington, with a walk score of 88, bike score of 76 and transit score of 75. More than 70 eating and drinking establishments can be walked to within North Rosslyn. The neighborhood has, on average, 19 places one can walk to within 5 minutes. Biking is made convenient with several lanes available along the borders of North Rosslyn, as well as through the area. Being a part of the Orange Line, North Rosslyn has three metro trains coming and going within the station, as well as 14 bus lines.

The number 3 ranking for walkable neighborhoods goes to Lyon Village. It is actually tied with North Rosslyn with a walk score of 88, but it offers more biking opportunities leading to a score of 83. The Transit score is a little lower however, coming in at 67. Most errands can be done on foot in Lyons Village with most of the shops and places to eat found along the Metro line, as the bulk of Lyon Village is just north of the Clarendon and Courthouse stations. Biking is easily done here as well with over four interconnecting bike lanes available. There are 8 buses that service the area in addition to the Orange Line Metro, but there car sharing services are readily available should an auto be needed.

Second place should come as no surprise to Arlington Residents. Clarendon- Courthouse holds this spot with a walk score of 92, bike score of 80, and transit score of 67. For day to day living you do not need a car in this neighborhood. There are over 110 eating and drinking businesses where you can get a taste of whatever you may be in the mood for. Residents have on average 14 establishments they can walk to within 5 minutes of home. Biking in Clarendon-Courthouse is also very convenient with bike paths along the major roads of the area. There are 8 buses servicing the neighborhood and the Metro as well, with the stops Clarendon and Courthouse denoting two of the borders.

The number 1 top Walkable neighborhood in Arlington is also along the Orange Line and no surprise to find it is Ballston- Virginia Square. This neighborhood is the epitome of walkable places to live, with a walk score of 94, bike score of 81, and transit score of 74. There are many reasons this is the most populous neighborhood in the top 5. Like Clarendon- Courthouse, there is no car needed to take care of errands, or meet the needs of daily living. There are over 120 coffee shops, restaurants, and taverns in this area with an average of 13 being within a 5-minute walk for residents. Bike lanes transect the entire neighborhood and over 20 buses service this area along with the Metro. With all the options that are available, you can easily live, work, and play here.

No matter the neighborhood you choose, life along the Orange Line has a lot to offer as an urban village, and our walk scores prove it. If you are ready to walk into your new home in Arlington, myself and the Orange Line Living team are here to provide you with our unique and specialized services so you can turn your dreams into reality. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly at 571-969-7653 or at [email protected]

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