Be Courageous in Ballston

by Dan Lesniak

stones-451329_1280Everyone could use a little courage now and then. Courage is what allows us to face our fears, take risks, and try something new. Courage is the stuff of which great people are made of. Vincent Van Gogh once asked, “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” Life would certainly not be as interesting if we didn’t embrace courage and take those first steps into the unknown. Now, through the end of July, you can take a courageous step forward and share what it is you wish you had the courage to do. Orange line residents and visitors to Ballston farmer’s market, located at Welburn Square, are invited to share on the Courage Wall, an 8 by 20 foot chalkboard on display with the words “I wish I had the courage to….” stenciled on it.

Created by Life Coach, Nancy Belmont of Alexandria, the Courage Wall was put up as an act of courage itself. Nancy shares the inspiration for the project on her website, but what it comes down to is the desire to encourage others to learn about, and face their fears so they can move beyond whatever it is which causes stress or holds them back from being happy. When you can take even a small step, like stating what you want to be courageous enough to do, you are on the road to living a more fulfilling life, which is something we all want and deserve to have. The Courage Wall also offers a bit of anonymity. You don’t have to enter your name or include your picture, so you can take the courage to step out beyond your boundaries, if just for a moment, and share with the world what it is you want do or how you want to be.

Nancy’s goal is to have the Courage Project be an ongoing effort, and it looks like the momentum is getting started now that the Courage Wall has been brought to Arlington. The Courage Wall was brought to Ballston by the Ballston Business Improvement District in partnership with Piedmont Office Realty Trust. The BID wanted to provide the neighborhood with an opportunity for reflection. At the end of the wall’s stay in Ballston a photo will be taken memorializing everyone’s contribution. The photo will be shared on Facebook and Instagram so you will be able to see what you added to the wall after it moves on.

When you take a step toward something new you are being courageous. If you are ready for a new home, or to sell yours, that takes courage as well. As a realtor I am here to support you through the process all the way. Myself, and the Orange Line Living team, are here to provide you with our unique and specialized services so you can turn your dreams into reality. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly at 571-969-7653 or at [email protected]

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