Mike Green Leaves Capitals, Signs Three Year Deal with Red Wings

by Dan Lesniak

Mike Green has left after playing for a decade with the Washington Capitals. The high scoring defenseman signed a three year deal for $18 million with the Detroit Red Wings. Although Alex Ovechkin and Niklas Backstroke are staying, Green’s departure marks the end of the “Young Guns” era. This core group led the Capitals to several regular season success and tons of goals and while it was definitely an exciting time in Caps history, it was also an era that had multiple seasons end with frustrating early round playoff exits.

Green spent several of his early years in his condo at the Wooster Mercer in Rosslyn in Arlington’s Orange Line. The condo had a rooftop hot tub and was featured on MTV’s Cribs show. Green eventually moved to Mclean, VA and sold the condo in 2013.


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