Mosaic Park One Step Closer to New Design

by Dan Lesniak

tree-in-the-park-1373392987GldArlington has long been known for its green spaces interspersed throughout the county, in particular in our urban villages and along the Orange Line. Ballston’s Mosaic Park is next on the list for a major renovation. There has been a plan in process since 2009 when Arlington County adopted the Mosaic Park Master Plan, which was put together after a two year civic engagement process with several community associations, the Park and Recreation Commission, Planning Commission and the Shooshan Company, which has taken on the funding of the $6.6 million cost for the improvements to Mosaic Park. Construction drawings are in their final stages, once done, the county will put out the offer for bids on the renovations and the plan will be finalized, allowing for the work to begin.

According to the Phase I plan design, there will be some great new features added to Mosaic Park. Some highlights of the new design include an interactive water feature, a multipurpose court, public plaza, new trees planted and walkways constructed, connecting all aspects of the park into one fluid setting. There will also be a new playground for kids, flexible use lawn area as well as tables and benches installed throughout the park. In keeping with sustainable practices, Mosaic Park will also use solar power to generate the 1.2 kilowatts of power needed to keep the park running. The solar power arrays will also provide additional shaded areas. There will be innovative stormwater management techniques put in place as well, making the park a green space to truly be proud of.

One of the main hurdles to get over for the park renovations to move forward was the need for Arlington County to purchase enough parcels of land around the park to expand the park itself and include all the new features desired. This has been accomplished with the county having acquired four of the five parcels that entail the park and a portion of the fifth parcel. If the county is able to purchase enough of the fifth parcel of land, there will be a second phase of park renovations planned, which is expected to include additional green space and a basketball court.

Once the land is officially rezoned from its current status of medium residential space to public space, the bid process will be set to begin, bringing a new green space center to our urban village, and another great public space for everyone. If you are looking to buy or sell your home, myself, and the Orange Line Living team make it an easy and convenient process. We work with you to provide our unique and specialized services so you can turn your plans into reality. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly at 571-969-7653, or at [email protected].

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