Arlington Wants to Know, Are Residents Happy?

by Dan Lesniak

SurveyOne of the ways Arlington County works with area residents, including those who live along the Orange Line, is to reach out and survey the community. It has been three years since the last survey was conducted, so it is time for the survey to be sent once again. Starting last week, the county began mailing surveys to a randomly selected number of Arlington residents. You could get a survey anytime now, if you have not already. This is our chance to inform the county of things that work well and make you enjoy living in Arlington, as well as where you feel improvements can be made.

Approximately 3,600 area residents will receive the Resident Satisfaction Survey, which will provide a statistically valid consensus of how county residents feel about where they live. In particular, the survey is designed to measure satisfaction with major Arlington County services and to gather feedback regarding the issues facing the community. The survey questions will cover topics such as human services, parks & recreation, public safety, public works and transportation. The survey will also be compared to the last one taken in 2012 to observe any major changes in resident satisfaction over the last few years.

Once the surveys are returned, results are expected to be released by the end of spring. The feedback provided to Arlington Country through the surveys will help showcase needs for improvement, and what services are strong and stable, which can lead by example. The results will also help guide the county in long-rang planning priorities. The results will be posted on the county website once they are complied. You can also see the results from the 2012 survey. So keep an eye on your post box, you may just be part of an important group of residents, able to provide direct feedback to Arlington County.

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