Arlington Introduces New EasyPark System

by Dan Lesniak

No Parking Anytime except between 8 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday 

We’ve all been there when meeting friends for lunch for Happy Hour, trying to decipher the confusing parking signs as other commuters whiz by and honk their horns in frustration. For many regular Arlington residents and visitors, it’s easier to forego the convenience of driving and use the metro or Uber instead. Some may recall the iPark system which was a device which allowed drivers to park in different parking zones and not worry about tickets or feeding the meter.


Arlington has now introduced the EasyPark system, the successor to the defunct iPark. You can purchase an EasyPark device online for $30 and it comes pre-loaded with $10 to use towards parking. When parking, the device is placed on the driver’s side window, the parking zone is entered (some street sign deciphering required), and then turned off when you drive away. Simple enough. The only catch is that it costs $2 everytime you refill your prepaid account.

If you’re using iPark, you can still refill those devices at the county treasurers office.

Credit to and Image credit to EasyPark

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