Arlington Street Signs: New and Improved

by Dan Lesniak

200px-US-DeptOfTransportation-Seal.svgYou may have noticed since last July, a new look is gradually taking over Arlington’s streets. To be specific, the street signs themselves are undergoing a makeover. The streets along the Orange Line are set for updating this spring. The Arlington Department of Environmental Services (DES) began replacing all of the streets signs in the county last summer as part of the new Federal Highway Administration Regulations, which call for improving the readability on new and replacement signs.

While the regulations call for the new and improved signs to be done for any new signs being put in place, or those that need replacing, the DES has taken this a step further with the decision to replace all of the street signs. This was done in light of the better readability and improved safety the larger signs bring to our streets. With signs that are easier to read, drivers are better able to keep focused on driving instead of wondering if they have passed the street they were looking for. These signs are a win-win for the area and won’t cost residents any more, as the signs are being replaced through the standard operating DES budget. Each sign costs about $40 depending on the size and number of letters.

Beginning in May of this year, the Wilson and Clarendon corridors along with Crystal Drive, are set to begin getting the new signs. There is more to just the size of the signs that will help with safer driving and navigating of the roads. The lettering used is also reflective. And the way the signs are being made with upper and lower case letters, makes them easier to read as well, following standard writing protocols which is something we are all used to. This makes for quicker connection to what we are reading. If you have been reading about Arlington and are interested in living in this great area, myself, and the Orange Line Living Team are here to help you with our unique and specialized services so you can turn your home dreams into reality. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly at 571-969-7653 or at [email protected].


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