Wilson Blvd Lanes to Change

by Dan Lesniak

Wilson BLvdThere is a big change in store for Wilson Blvd, west of George Mason Drive, and those living along the Orange Line. The major thoroughfare will go from a four lane street down to two through lanes with a center turn lane. The work is expected to be done this spring. This is the first phase in improving Wilson Blvd. The street itself will not change as yet, but the line striping will, making for a much different travel experience along Wilson Blvd. The area affected will run along Wilson Blvd from N. Manchester to N Frederick Street. There will also be bike lanes added on both sides of the road.

Residents had mixed feelings about the change, with some welcoming the change to help make the area safer with the inclusion of the bike lanes. But others voiced concerns that the bike lanes themselves may not be as safe as they could be since buses will be crossing them to stop for passengers. Also a concern was that the sidewalks are not set to change, yet.

There is a phase two planned for this Wilson Blvd overhaul, which includes widening the sidewalks and other improvements. What is not known however is when this will happen as funding has yet to be provided for this second phase. Arlington Department for Environmental Services (ADEA) is currently seeking input from residents and businesses to come up with a complete plan for phase two.

Another concern noted for the new lane configuration on Wilson Blvd is that there will be an increase in traffic times along the road. Many residents cited concern for the time and safety needed to turn off Wilson Blvd once the changes are in place. But the ADES has reported that the times affected are expected to be well less than a minute in difference. While this was a concern noted, most residents who spoke about the upcoming changes were reported as having positive feedback.

Overall, the changes coming to Wilson Blvd are being done to promote more foot and bicycle traffic to the area, as well as increase use in public transportation. The final outcome is yet to be seen, but the county and ADEA are hopeful it will be a positive project for the area.

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