We Just Wrote these Buyers a $1,150,000 Check

by Dan Lesniak

In the greater Washington D.C. real estate market, buying a new home when you already own one can be challenging. This is especially true in high demand areas such as Arlington, Mclean and Bethesda to name a few. Most sellers in these markets will not take a contract that is contingent upon the sale of another home. This can create a dilemma for buyers.

$1,150,000 Check

Buying First

The challenge with buying a home first for many buyers is qualifying for financing. Many buyers need the equity out of their existing home to have down payment money for their next homes. Even if they have the money or for a downpayment they might not qualify for having two mortgage payments and might be unable to get a loan. Even if they can get past these hurdles, most buyers are not comfortable with the risk of owning two homes.

Selling First

Selling a home before buying or going under contract for another home is also challenging because sellers who do this can end up without a home. This is especially true if the market has low inventory or if the seller is looking for a unique property or to custom build a new construction home.

Our Move Up Buyer Guarantee Solves This Problem

We solve this dilemma for our clients by giving them a guaranteed price for their existing home. If your home does not sell we buy it. It is that simple. This gives our clients the ability to search for their dream home and have the confidence their existing home will sell

This guarantee allowed our recent clients to design their dream home in Clarendon. These clients were living at Turnberry Tower (1881 Nash Street Unit 401, Arlington, VA) in a 1M+ condo. They had enter into a contract with the builder nearly a year in advance. Our guarantee gave them the ability to buy a $2M+ home and have the confidence their current home would sell.

Months later when it came time to sell their home the market in their building shifted and their home did not sell. We stood buy our guarantee and bought their home and they are now living in their dream home.

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