Rosslyn: Urban Village of Parks, Arts & Monuments

by Dan Lesniak

Rosslyn Ped BridgeWhen it comes to urban living, Rosslyn is a place full of art, monuments and natural beauty in Arlington. For the best of Orange Line Living, Rosslyn is worth a closer look. The neighborhood has long been a location with easy access to all major roads, highways, bridges and public transportation options. Rosslyn gives commuters a central location to live and play if they work in the capital. For those that work in Rosslyn, life can be readily enjoyed in this urban village extraordinaire.

Rosslyn has had a long history of inhabitants, beginning with native tribes who lived here for thousands of years. The area has been integral to Virginia’s history for almost 400 years, beginning with the earliest colonial settlers, on through the revolutionary and civil wars and into our modern times with the Civil Rights movement, and the redevelopment in progress today. Bridges have long played an important role in Rosslyn, connecting a variety of areas, and also being cause for protection during times of war. Rosslyn has been called the “Gateway into Arlington” since the Aqueduct Bridge and canal crossing was completed in 1843.

Since then, the area has been developed and changed in many ways, but it has always retained its sense of uniqueness for area residents. One of the greatest assets to Rosslyn for urban dwellers is the amazing parks that are to be found. Being a hilly part of Arlington County, Rosslyn offers many nooks and crannies for natural places to thrive. There are several parks just waiting to be explored such as Gateway Park, and Freedom Park.  Roosevelt Island oTeddy R Memffers miles of trails and natural forest, a natural escape close by. Dark Star Park, is home to Rosslyn’s first commissioned public art project (see my blog on the 30th Anniversary of this incredible park). And speaking of Art, Rosslyn has led the way for Arlington in terms of public art appreciation and efforts. You can find public art installations throughout the area.

Rosslyn is a place you can surround yourself with history. There are several monuments within the neighborhood worth the visit whether you live here or are simply visiting. From the Iwo Jima Memorial to the Arlington National Cemetery or the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial on the reclaimed Roosevelt Island, to the Netherlands Carillon Bell tower you can easily spend days taking in some amazing historical and national monuments.

Rosslyn is an ideal urban village with markets, restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues within walking distance to the varied houses, condos and townhomes that can be found. Most properties have high rated walking indexes, reflecting the ease with which you can get what you need. This, along with the easy access to multiple types of transportation, makes Rosslyn an urban village extraordinaire for anyone wanting to live near the capital. Rosslyn is waiting for you. Myself, and the Orange Line Living team are here to provide you with our unique and specialized services. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly at 571-969-7653 or at [email protected]


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