Basic Listing Tips that Can Save you Thousands

by Dan Lesniak

Dan Lesniak and the Orange Line Living Team just got their third townhome of the year under contract at Clarendon Park and they did it faster than anyone else. In the spring Dan and his team sold two townhomes in the neighborhood. During the summer months four different townhomes came on the market. Of those four, the one sold by Dan and his team(2703 11th St) sold in the shortest amount of time in just 25 days. The others all took 40 or more days to sell.

Below are some basic tips for having success when selling your home that can save you thousands of dollars:

Accurate Information in the Listing

You might assume this one is a no brainer, but mistakes are made all of the time and these mistakes can cost you money. One of the townhomes in Clarendon Park that was not listed by the Orange Line Living Team (see below) was entered into the MLS as a condo. While this might seem like a minor mistake it is very likely that many buyers with automatic searches set up for townhomes might have missed this one. So make sure you review your listing details in the MLS before it goes live. This is important whether you are listing your home by yourself or with an agent.Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.51.27 AM


Accurate Pricing

Another important part of success in selling your home is pricing it realistically at the start. One of the listings in Clarendon Park that remains unsold was priced at lest $100,000 over market value. This was a one car garage townhome that was priced higher than what a two car garage townhome sold for the previous month. This limits the amount of buyers that will see the home and when buyers see days on market building up they assume something is wrong with the home. It usually then takes a price drop to below what it could have initially sold for in order to get the home sold.

Great Open Houses

Open houses have become more and more important with the proliferation of online search tools. Jon Coile recently wrote about this trend in the Washington Post. Buyers coming to open houses now are more likely to be educated about everything: the home itself, what they can afford and pricing trends in the neighborhood. As a result more homes are being sold from Open Houses, making it even more important to having homes looking great for open houses and staffed by agents who are top professional, neighborhood experts.


For more tips about selling your home feel free to contact our team at [email protected] or call 571-969-7653.



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