Courthouse Has a New Park – For Now

by Dan Lesniak

Playing CroquetJust over a year ago, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea offered a parcel of land to Arlington County. The parcel, located along Clarendon Blvd between N. Adams and N Boston streets, had long been a fenced-in area of asphalt and gravel. As a goodwill gesture to the county, the Embassy wanted to see something more done with the land, at least for a while. Noting they don’t use the area much at all, they wanted to see if the county could make use of it. Now Orange Line Living has a new park to enjoy.

The county took on the offer with a lease that will run for at least two years, free of rent, so long as the county takes care of the area. The county met to decide what to do with the land, and determined a park would the ideal use, in particular, as it would have minimal maintenance costs and little to no fiscal impact to the county. Offering another green space was seen as a win- win for the county and area residents. Construction began in February and was completed at the start of June, just in time for summer. The park opened as of June 11th. The time the county has to use the land will remain to be seen, but it is possible, if not probable, that the park will be ours for a long time to come.

The park was designed with sustainability in mind, as well as to provide a new area of green space for the neighborhood. There is an inner plaza with umbrella covered tables and other seating, which is surrounded by lawns and garden space. Plants and boulders were transplanted from other areas of the county. Concrete blocks and even an old dumpster were used as planters, bringing in a great show of reusing materials and keeping the construction costs low. Games are encouraged at the park as well. The Arlington Dept. of Parks and Recreation put in a multi-use activity area to allow for games such as bocce ball, croquet or lawn bowling. Park visitors can bring their own games to play and enjoy in the new park.

Courthouse is waiting for you to come and enjoy the park. You can enjoy your home buying or selling experience as well. Myself, and the Orange Line Living team are here to provide you with our unique and specialized services so you can turn your dreams into reality. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly at 571-969-7653, or at [email protected].

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