The Orange Line Madness Finals

by Dan Lesniak

After taking input from several top Arlington VA real estate agents we created a bracket (which we called Orange Line Madness), of the top 64 Arlington condos and townhomes located along the popular Orange Line Corridor. Finally, we are through all six rounds of our contest and we are set to release the winner of our bracket. So watch our video below or continue to read our results and if you have any questions about real estate along Arlington’s Orange Line call us at 571-969-7653 or email [email protected]

Our Orange Line Madness Winner is Revealed on Video


Clarendon Park vs. Station Square

This match up features the best in vertical living (Clarendon Park) against the best in horizontal living (Station Square). Both of these condos are located in the heart of Clarendon and are within a few blocks of the Clarendon Metro, Market Commons, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and more, so location wise this is even.

Station Square has a full range of amenities including a party room, pool and a discounted plan for residents at the Gold’s Gym that is in the building so it has the advantage there. Clarendon Park, however, has a HOA fee that is a few hundred dollars less than the condo fee at Station Square so it has the advantage fees.

Both Station Square and Clarendon Park have homes with monument views and park views as well has homes that have neither so this category is tied.

When it comes to size, parking and outdoor space, Clarendon Park has advantages there. Clarendon Park homes have at lest 3 bedrooms and usually over 2,000 square feet, whereas Station Square is mostly 1 and 2 bedroom condos in the 650 to 1100 square foot range. All of Clarendon Park homes have parking for two as well as plenty of outdoor space in the form of patios, porches and rooftop decks.

For many people this choice comes down to personal preference of condo vs. townhome living, but in our bracket Clarendon Park is the winner.

To read the complete results of every round and about all 64 of the condos and townhomes in our bracket go to

OLL Finals

Clarendon Final Four


townhome final four


ballston final four


Rosslyn Final Four


Responses (2)

  1. Matt
    April 24, 2014 at 5:06 pm ·

    who are the top arl va real estate agents that you took input from? And what were the final votes for the finals?

    • Dan Lesniak
      April 25, 2014 at 4:04 pm ·

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your comments and questions. We polled over 20 agents that do a lot of business in the Arlington area and in the 22201, 22209 and 22203 zip codes. We are not releasing vote tallies as the goal of our exercise was not to come up with exact scores, but rather a fun discussion of different condos and townhomes in the area and their unique benefits.

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