Enormous Photo of Cape Myrtles Covers Building

by Dan Lesniak

CameraRosslyn has a new art display, it is temporary and it is huge. The Rosslyn Business Improvement District has unveiled an enormous photographic mural on the side of a building on N. Lynn Street.  Orange Line Living  now has a beautiful view of Crape Myrtle trees up close and incredible. Said to be the largest photographic print on the East Coast, the 6,000 Square foot picture was taken by photographer Frank Hallam Day.  The picturesque trees were captured as part of a month long photographic study of Rosslyn.

There is a specific reason for this mural to have been installed covering the entire side of a building. It is part of the Rosslyn Business Improvement District’s temporary art program.  The goal of the program is bring award-winning art to the community, and to soften the edge of Rosslyn’s urban design. With much of the area in the process of redevelopment, the BID wants residents to be able to still enjoy the esthetics of the area. The Crape Myrtle Mural is the third installation of the project.

For some extra fun for Rosslyn residents, there is to be a contest held in connection with the mural.  The site of the photograph has been kept secret.  There will be a social media contest set up for people to guess where the photo was taken. To keep the resolution clear and achieve the mammoth size required of the installation, several dozen photos were taken and stitched together.

As the program is for temporary public art, the mural is expected to remain for at least a year.  At that time the building is scheduled to be demolished.  Once gone, the new Central Place skyscraper will be built. The site is part of the Central Place Development project, which is set to change the core landscape of Rosslyn.

The art of Rosslyn is expanding on a big scale. The art of selling and buying homes is expanding as well. The Orange Line Living team and I are here to provide you with our unique and specialized services so you can turn your dreams into reality.  To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly at 571-969-7653571-969-7653, or at [email protected]

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