Orange Line Madness: First Round Results

by Dan Lesniak

Here are the first rounds results of our Orange Line Madness tournament. After taking input from top Arlington VA Real Estate agents to seed our Orange Line condos and townhomes, we took more input to see how they did head to head and find out which condo or townhome would survive all six rounds of the brackets. Enjoy reading the first round results and call us at 571-969-7653 if you are thinking about buying or selling on Arlington’s Orange Line Corridor.

Clarendon and Courthouse Region

(1) Station Square vs. (16) Colonial Village:  While Colonial Village puts up a good fight (great location, nice garden like atmosphere and the history of the buildings), ultimately the number one seed prevails and is not match considering its premier location in Clarendon, luxury finishes and low condo fees.

(8) Park at Courthouse vs. (9) Courthouse Hill:  In a close match between the 8 and 9 seeds the Park at Courthouse wins in a squeaker. While Courthouse Hill has a slightly better location, the Park at Courthouse was built nearly 12 years later and the condos there have a much more modern and luxurious feel.

(4) Odyssey vs. (13) Chelsea Landing:  In a match between two Courthouse area condos, the modern day high rise building wins out against the boutique two level condo building. The Odyssey with its contemporary features and state of the art amenities (rooftop pool and gym with sweeping views of Arlington, Alexandria and DC) takes this match.

(5) Clarendon 3131 vs. (12) Barton Place:  In the first upset of the our tournament the Barton Place condos take out Clarendon 3131. These townhome style condos (many of which have been updated) are in a great location between Clarendon and Courthouse and the upper level units have big outdoor rooftop decks. Despite being much newer (2010 vs. 1985) and having luxury features such as sand in place hardwood floors and stainless steel Kitchen Aid appliances, Clarendon 3131 becomes the first top seed out in the tournament.

(2) Clarendon 1021 vs. (15) Woodbury Heights:  Clarendon 1021 makes it look easy in their first round game. The location and amenities easily put them over the top. Being just a few blocks away from the Clarendon Metro and having a rooftop pool, hot tub and grill with monument views help along with the modern day luxury fit and finish of the building. While many units at Woodbury Heights have monument views and updates, Clarendon 1021 goes on to the next round.

(7) Hartford vs. (10) Charleston:  In a tough match the Hartford prevails over the Charleston based on the following advantages:  located 1 block north of the Clarendon metro, outdoor spaces on the majority of the units and a parking lot that is easier to navigate than most of the mid rise and high rise buildings in the area. While the Charleston does have a great location directly between Courthouse and Clarendon and nice building amenities, it simply cannot overcome the 2004 built boutique mid rise building in Clarendon.

(3) Phoenix vs. (14) Astoria:  The Phoenix Condo is home to 181 condo homes, Lyon Hall, the Post Office and several other retail and office spaces. With a very convenient Clarendon location, the Phoenix easily advances past the Astoria to the next round. While the Astoria does provide home buyers with a great price point to get a 1 or 2 bedroom condo near the Orange Line, it simply does not have the luxury feel, location or amenities to put up much of a fight against the Phoenix.

(6) Rhodes Hill Square vs. (11) Williamsburg:  In a battle between old courthouse and new courthouse, new prevails. While the Williamsburg high rise building has long been a fixture in the corridor with great amenities (pool, party room gym), the recently built 3 building project at Rhodes Hill Square prevails. With less than 100 condos homes, those lucky enough to call Rhodes Hill Square home get to live in luxurious condos ranging from 1,200 to 1,900 square feet, many with rooftop decks or lower level terraces.

Clarendon and Courthouse First round

Townhome Region

(1) Clarendon Park vs. (16) Berkeley Square:  In this first round match between two Clarendon communities, Clarendon Park easily advances to the next round over Berkeley Square. While Berkeley Square does have a a great location, Clarendon Park’s location is second to none. The 3 level townhomes at Berkeley Square that were built in the mid 1990’s are simply no match for the EYA built community of Clarendon Park.

(8) Bromptons at Rosslyn vs. (9) Bromptons at Courthouse:  In this match, it is very hard to pick between these two Ed Peete developed townhomes located opposite sides of Rhodes Street. In what is essentially a coin flip, Bromptons at Rosslyn with a few slightly bigger homes narrowly advances.

(4) Monument Place vs. (13) Bromptons at Ballston:  Monument place, with its stunning views of Iwa Jima and DC, luxurious finishes and stately appearance become the second EYA community to go to the second round. While Ed Peete’s Bromptons at Ballston over a great combination of size, luxury and location (just a few blocks from the Ballston metro), Monument Place offers too much to not advance.

(5) Highgate vs. (12) Courthouse Hill:  Highgate becomes the third Rosslyn townhome to make it to the second round as it easily strides past Courthouse Hill. The front loading garage layouts of Highgate make them some of the biggest townhomes available on the Orange Line Corriodor and the location in Rosslyn gives you perfect access to the Orange and Blue Line metros and Georgetown. While Courthouse Hill has a great location as well (walking distance to Courthouse and Clarendon), the indoor and outdoor spaces of Highgate put them over the top.

(2) Bromptons at Clarendon vs. (15) Palisades Park:  Another Ed Peete townhome development makes it into the second round. The Bromptons at Clarendon has the one of the best combinations of location, space and luxury. Palisades Park was built in the early 1990’s and many of the homes there have been updated. Their location offers great wooded views and is only a 15 minutes walk away from Rosslyn, but with its location in between Lyon Village and Clarendon, the Bromptons at Clarendon offers one of the best locations around.

(7) Ballston Row vs. (10) Courthouse Vista:  Courthouse Vista advances to the second round against the higher seeded Ballston Row. The Buckhinghams Common and Ballston Row project is one of the only new townhome communities around, but the Courthouse Vista is only about a decade old and has a great location, convenient to Courthouse metro and route 50

(3) Clarendon 3131 vs. (14) Lynnbrook:  The third Clarendon townhome gets into the second round with a narrow victory over Lynnbrook. Despite being one of the older town home communities in the area, Lynnbrook has much to offer:  lots of space, great location and large outdoor areas for most homes. The size of these townhomes gives many of them a single family home feel. In the end the high end luxury feel of Clarendon 3131 wins out. These homes offer Wolf/Subzero appliances, big two car garages, a large outdoor terrace and outdoor space that is cared for by the condo association.

(6) Ballston Green vs. Courts of Lyon Village:  These are two of the newest town homes on the Orange Line Corridor. Madison Homes built Ballston Green, which is just finishing up construction and Evergreene built the Courts of Lyon Village just a few years ago in 2012. Both communities feature two car garages and luxury finishes. Both are about the same distance to the metro and have lots of development nearby. Courts of Lyon Village, which is close to Courthouse and directly across the street from the future development being anchored by Mom’s Organic Market scores the upset and advances.

Townhome 1st Round Bracket

Rosslyn Region

(1) Turnberry Tower vs. (16) Riverplace:  The luxurious high rise in Rosslyn easily gets past Riverplace. While Riverplace offers some of the cheapest places to live in Arlington and has a great location in Rosslyn, it is simply no match for all that Turnberry has to offer. For those looking for entry level real estate, Riverplace can offer great prices, great views and a location that puts Rosslyn and Georgetown within walking distance. Turnberry also offers a similar location and many homes there have great views as well. When it comes to luxury high rise living Turnberry stands out in the Arlington and DC area.

(8) Terrace Lofts vs. (9) Atrium:  In the 8/9 game the 8 seed pulls it out. The Atrium has a very distinctive glass exterior look. Built in the 1980’s this condo building was once home to Jon Thompson JR, the legendary Georgetown Hoya Coach. Many of the units in there are renovated. While the Terrace Lofts are a newer, boutique condo building with modern day luxury finishes, the Atrium condo offers more views and amenities and many units there have been renovated and updated.

(4) Gaslight Square vs. (13) Palisades Garden:  The 133 units that make up the Palisades Garden provide buyers with the chance to live close to Rosslyn in a garden style building with lots of history. Gaslight Square offers a modern day luxury building that is 6 levels. The first two of these buildings has already been complete and construction on the third building is set to start soon. The 117 units that will make up this condo project feature sand in place hardwood floors, Wolf/Sub-Zero appliances and the distinct look that Jim Abodo is known for, which puts Gaslight Square into the second round.

(5) Memorial Overlook vs. (12) Georgetown Vista:  The luxury boutique condo building easily gets into the second round. While Georgetown Vista offers great views across the river of Georgetown, the homes in Memorial Overlook over spectacular views of the Washington DC, including the Washington monument, Lincoln Memorial and Capitol.

(2) Wooster and Mercer Lofts vs. (15) Corinthian:  Another Jim Adbo development makes it into the second round as the Wooster and Mercer move on. The Corinithian has a great location, midway between the Courthouse and Rosslyn metros, and while the building is nearly 40 years old, many of the homes have been updated. The Wooster and Mercer Lofts are located not too far from the Rosslyn metro and near lots of new development. These brick buildings feature soaring ceiling heights, large windows, exposed ductwork and tons of luxury finishes and amenities.

(10) Belvedere vs. (7) Prospect House:  In this first round match up between two of Rosslyn’s older condo buildings the Belvedere pulls of the upset and advances to the second round. The Belvedere Condo is a twin high rise building located in the middle of Rosslyn near several new developments. It has recently undergone renovations of several of the common areas and amenities. Many of the individual units have also been updated as well and several have monument views. The Prospect House is a very historic building in Rosslyn that offers some of the best views of Washington DC, overlooking the Iwa Jima memorial. Many of the residents here have the perfect place for watching Fourth of July fireworks. In a close match the Belvedere goes on to the next round.

(3) Waterview vs. (14) Westmoreland Terrace:  Located next to Fort Meyer and just a short distance from Rosslyn, the Westmoreland Terrace condo is one of the older condos in Arlington and provides a great price point for people looking to live in a quiet area, but not too far from the Orange Line Corridor. The Waterview condo easily advances to the next round with its premier location and ultra luxurious amenities and finishes.

(6) 1800 Wilson vs. (11) Dakota:  In a match up between two condos built in the last decade, the Dakota narrowly advances. Both of these condo buildings offer residents a luxurious place to live close to plenty of bars, restaurants and shops with a no-frills approach to amenities. In the end high end, large and luxurious 2BR condos at the Dakota win out.


Rosslyn First Round

The Ballston and Virginia Square Region

(1) Liberty Center vs. (16) Hyde Park:  Hyde Park offers residents a location that is within minutes walking distance to the Ballston metro and offers amenities such as a pool and parking. However, Liberty Center offers one of the best locations in Ballston and some of the best amenities in the area and easily advances to the next round.

(8) Tower Villa vs. (9) Virginia Square:  In this 8-9 game Tower Villa narrowly prevails over Virginia Square. Both of these high rise buildings have a great location and offer several amenities. While Tower Villa was built about 20 year prior to the Virginia Square Condo, the homes at Tower Villa generally offer more space and many have been renovated.

(4) Lexington Square vs. (13) Windsor Plaza:  In a big upset the 13th seeded Windsor Plaza, knocks off the higher seeded Lexington Square. Lexington Square offers residents an outdoor pool, fitness center and club room and modern day floor plans with varying levels of luxury finishes. Windsor Plaza, although older than Lexington Square, offers residents an outdoor pool and courtyard as well as a great location. Many of the homes here features 3 sided sunrooms and a few have large rooftop terraces, offering rare outdoor space in the middle of the Orange Line Corridor.

(5) Monroe vs. (12) Westview:  The Monroe moves easily into the second round. This 8 story building in VA Square has a rooftop terrace with great views, fitness center, media room and other great amenities. All of the floorplans are either 2 or 3 bedrooms. The Westview offers a great location to the Ballston metro and has a rooftop pool and fitness center. In the mid-2000’s this building was an apartment and then got a refresh when it was converted to condos. Many of the units feature sunrooms or balconies and some have been renovated further, however, the Monoroe gets into the next round.

(2) Hawthorn vs. (15) Summerwalk:  The Hawthorn was built in 2006 on top of the Old Indian Spice market on the corner of Pollard Street and Wilson Blvd. It features very luxurious units and some amenities, including a gym, although it is located directly across the street from a Gold’s gym. The Summerwalk also features a great location and this twin mid-rise building features an outdoor pool and lounge area. Many of the Summerwalk condos have been renovated, however, the Hawthorn advances to the second round.

(7) Ballston 880 vs. (10) Alta Vista:  Originally built as apartments in 2001 and then converted to condos in 2005, Ballston 880 has a great location, plenty of amenities and luxury finishes and makes it into the second round. The Alta Vista does put up a good fight though with its location atop the Ballston metro. The first 8 floors of this building are actually the Hilton Hotel. Many of the 277 units here have balconies and some are two levels. Upper level floors enjoy views of DC.

(3) Berkeley vs. (14) Ballston Park:  The Berkeley makes it into the second round based on its great location, luxury finishes and amenities. Built in 2004 this high rise building is only a block away from the Ballston metro and has a fitness center and concierge and many of the units have fireplaces and balconies. Ballston Park is a high rise building in a similar location, but built in 1995 the units do not have quite the same level of finishes or open floor plans for the Berkeley. Ballston Park does feature a fitness center and plenty of parking for residents, but the Berkeley moves on to the next round.

(6) Continental vs. (11) Eastview:  The Continental, with its location on Glebe Road, moves on to the next round against the Eastview. Built in 2003, the Continental features over 400 units and great amenities including a rooftop pool, fitness center and concierge. The Eastview, like its sister building (Westview), was converted to condos around 2005. This building features a pool and fitness center and many of the units have been updated, but the Continental moves on.

Ballston and VA Square First round




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