Introducing Orange Line Madness: Which Condo or Townhome Will Win the Bracket?

by Dan Lesniak

With the popular NCAA March Madness basketball tournament about to begin, the Orange Line Living team will be doing our own version of the bracket to see which condo or townhome community on Arlington’s Orange Line Metro corridor will prevail. We focussed on 64 condo and townhome communities spanning from the Rosslyn metro stop to the Ballston metro stop. These were then broken down into four regions:

  • Rosslyn
  • Courthouse and Clarendon
  • VA Square and Ballston
  • Townhomes

We then had some of Arlington’s top real estate agents weigh in on how each region would be seated. Over the next several weeks we will introduce each region and the seatings and then see which of Arlington’s Orange Line Condo and Townhome communities will prevail in making it through the six round challenge!

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